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No two lawns are alike.  There are problems that are unique to a
neighborhood.  It is important that applications are timely and fit your
weather patterns.  Your Lawn Tech professional understands because
they live and work in your area and know the local environment and
weather well.  They answer to you, the client, not some corporate office
hundreds of miles away.

Timely Treatments
The road to a better lawn starts with your first treatment.  Why not
request a FREE no-obligation lawn analysis?  We'll be happy to schedule
a visit at your convenience.

Spring is approaching...Your Lawn Tech professional begins in
early Spring applying special fertilizers and weed controls.  Your lawn
will green-up quickly as the weather warms.  Winter weeds will soon
disappear and annoying crabgrass will be prevented from taking hold.  
Your ongoing treatment program will continue throughout the growing
seasons with an application every four to six weeks (depending on the
season) -- each tailored to your specific lawn's need and time of year.  
You get exactly what your lawn needs at precisely the right time.

Personalized Service
If your lawn needs to be re-treated for weeds after an application, it will
be done in a few days.  If you ever have a concern about applications,
service or quality, your lawn care professional is just a telephone call
away at (859) 881-0755.  We want your lawn to be the best lawn
possible!  If your lawn looks good, we look good!  Your satisfaction is our
most important goal.

Professional Lawn Care Has Big Pay Offs!
By hiring a Lawn Tech professional, the guesswork is gone -- giving you
more time for other life's demands.   And just consider the fact that a
well-maintained landscape and lawn can add upward to twenty percent
to your home's value!

Why not start out already getting a pay off of $10?  Just print out the
coupon below, fill in your name and give the coupon to your friend or
family member, or mention it when you e
and receive $10 off your first treatment for 1st time clients!
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