Click Here For A
Neighborhood Discount Plan
When two or more neighbors retain our services, each neighbor
will receive a discount on their services. That’s right, the more
neighbors who retain our services, the more of a discount each
neighbor receives, up to
30% off!

Each neighbor will be charged individually for their service. Just
mention that your neighbor is signed up and you’ll be enrolled
in the plan. Just imagine how much money you and your
neighbors can save during one lawn season!
Contact us today
or e
mail to see if your neighborhood is
taking advantage of this plan.
Landscaping Discounts & Referrals!
Lawn Care Discount Program

Pre-pay: 10 cuts  or services get 5% off, 20 cuts or services get
7% off, 40 cuts or services get 10% off *pre-pay may carry over to
following season *if using neighborhood plan, all participants
must use same pre-pay program

Lawn Care Referral Program

Refer one friend who retains services and receive 2 free weeks
of mowing service. You get the first free week after friend pays for
one month of service. You get the second free week after friend
pays for second month of service.
A Reason To Love Thy Neighbor!
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